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This past year has been a whirlwind. Between our book tour and filming our show, when you travel as much as we do, you start to think of your *actual* house as your vacation house.

So we’re happy to report that neither of us came home to complete disaster zones. We have our husbands to thank for that—the *true* MVPs of this operation. John, Jeremy: You both deserve a Golden Globe award for Fatherhood…and for putting up with us.

Within minutes of returning home after a long trip, we both decided that now would be the best time to update some of our living spaces with new furniture. By the way, this is what happens when you spend the majority of your time in hotels and other people’s homes…you can’t help but get inspired by decor. 

We are firm believers that any space can be beautiful and functional, all at once. So teamed up with Summer Classics Home to design a few high-quality pieces that fit our vision and remain kid-friendly…


It’s been (almost) two years since my family moved into our brand new home. I was thrilled for my first opportunity to design every space and select every tile, knob, and finish. These details are important when it comes to aesthetic.

I love when spaces are simple and timeless, but with a modern touch. My go-to way to achieve this look is by playing with texture.