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I need to confess something. And just to warn you, I’m feeling slightly nervous about it. But. Here. We. Go…

Since moving into our house a few years ago, I couldn’t have cared less about organizing my garage. I know, RIGHT?! It’s shocking to believe that someone who started an organizing company would ever do such a thing, yet it’s true.

Am I going to show you photos? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I’d rather board a non-stop flight from LA to JFK without my purse snacks than ever show you one single photo—and that’s how you know I’m serious.

But I will show you photos of my new and improved garage! I knew I had to get things in order as soon as I began feeling noticeable anxiety just by looking at it. (Life is stressful enough. Being able to feel at ease in your home is one of the many benefits that come with organizing!)

Designing an Elfa system from The Container Store was an obvious choice. So was the grey finish with decor fronts I chose to elevate the space. I was able to customize every shelf, drawer, and wall mount to my needs—which are very specific. Since most of my categories are large and need to be sealed, the open shelving is adjustable and measured to fit Weathertight Totes.